Feb 2013

Iberia on Strike

httpv:// An Iberia worker is arrested by Spanish RIOT police officer during CLASHES at Madrid’s Barajas airport. Workers at the LOSS-MAKING Spanish flag CARRIER have started a five-day strike, GROUNDING more than 80 flights and costing the airline and STRUGGLING national economy millions of euros.


Feb 2013

Dreamliner Stopped Worldwide

httpv:// Boeing’s state-of-the-art Dreamliner passenger jet has been grounded in Japan, India, Chile and the USA amid safety concerns. The airliner has been hit with a spate of technical malfunctions in the past month.


Jan 2013

American GLOBETROTTER travels a million miles in 2012

httpv:// Tom Stuker, 59, passed the million mark on a flight from London to Chicago on December 6. Mr Stuker works as a car sales consultant and has to fly all over the world. He frequently JETS OFF to Asia and Australia, and has taken about 400 flights so far this year.


Oct 2012

Ryanair – Low cost, low safety?

httpv:// Have you ever flown on a budget airline? Do you think they are safe? Have you heard any recent news about Ryanair? Ryanair is again being investigated by aviation authorities following accusations it put pressure on pilots to fly with minimal fuel to cut costs.


Sep 2012

Strikes in Madrid and Barcelona

httpv:// A transport STRIKE has complicated the journey to work in Madrid and Barcelona. UNIONS have made a call to travellers not to pay for their ticket in a protest against what they consider to be abusive minimum services.


Jul 2012

The Ghosts of Spain

httpv:// When you go aborad, which airport do you normally use? Do you know how many airports there are in Spain? Do you think there are too many? Have a look at this video and read a related news story…


Jun 2012

No Pollution! No Cars!

Have a look at this video… Madrid has recently mentioned that it has plans to create a LOW-EMISSION zone in the city centre and would ban all cars from polluting the city. The suggested TOLL is similar to the ones implemented in other European coutries such as London, Milan and Germany – called the CONGESTION CHARGE.


Dec 2011

Miniature Wonderland

httpv:// After watching this video, Germany will become the next tourist destination you would love to visit! Amazing attractions and a bunch of fantastic vocabulary for town facilities, means of transport and travelling.