Sharing Experiences: Food


Feb 2016

Sharing Experiences: Food

Food. I love it. We have to eat it to survive but more importantly it defines who we are, where we are from and represents countries and cultures. ESL conversations require both students and teachers sharing experiences and in my opinion there is no better topic than food. Consider this: Spain has more restaurants, bars and cafeterias than all of Europe put together. In my…

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Eating your way through Spain


Dec 2015

Eating your way through Spain

If you are living and working in Spain, it is more than likely that you will have heard someone utter the words: “Spain has some of the finest food in the world.” And yet, many foreigners working as TEFL teachers become quickly disillusioned with Spain’s gastronomic offerings. The reason behind this dissapointment lies in the difficulty of finding the right places to order the right…

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Mar 2015

Task-based language teaching: 6 tools for task force teachers

happens to all of us:  Now and again you come to the point where you have tried/used every trick in the book and now you are stumped for activities.  If that is the case you came to the right place because today we will look at the boundless source of original activities.  I am talking about task-based language teaching of course. Please note that the emphasis…

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Feb 2013

Carnival Time!

httpv:// Carnival has to be Sitges’ WILDEST party. It is still the hottest party in town! On the most popular days you will find more than 300,000 PARTYGOERS dancing on the MAJOR streets across the town.


Jun 2012

Are you a daredevil?

httpv:// Nik Wallenda became a real-life Daredevil over night. On Friday the 15th June he BALANCED on a 51mm wire SUSPENDED 46 meters above one of the world’s most dangerous waters – Niagara Falls.


Feb 2012

A Doodle for Google

httpv:// Google Doodles are the google logo made into fun images to celebrate anniversaries, lives of famous people like pioneers, scientists or artists, and special events taking place around the world. The google doodle began in 1998 when the co-founders of google placed a stick-man on their logo to indicate they were attending a festival in Nevada USA. The first doodle was very simple and…

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Jan 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #3

httpv:// The series of posts about the history of the English language continues with this video about Shakespeare and his impact on the development of English. Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play? Can you recognise any of the roots of the words?


Nov 2011

Friday Fun: ‘Romans Go Home’

httpv:// Seeing as it’s Friday I thought it would be time to post something for a bit of fun! Hopefully you’ve all seen the excellent ‘Life of Brian’ by the Monty Python guys. This is an excellent excerpt from the film where ‘Brian’ is having difficulty with his Latin grammar and conjugations! Hopefully you’re finding learning English a bit easier?! Have a good weekend


Nov 2011

Do you speak English?

httpv:// Why do you want to learn English? Do you think it would be useful on holiday? Have you ever had any problems making yourself understood? This is a little bit of fun… “Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France.”