Apr 2015

Extensive and intensive ESL activities: Gist for the fun of it

s you probably know, language acquisition generally consists out of four language skills.  Today we will explore the significance of both extensive and intensive ESL activities related to input language skills.  Note that generally these input skills traditionally consists out listening and reading; however, in this day and age other forms of audio-visual sources are taking centre stage.  Keep this in mind with today´s discussion –…

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Apr 2015

Be brainy: Multiple intelligences theory

of the most intelligent person that you know.  What makes her/him so intelligent? Which quality is it that sets him/her apart from others?  Or should it rather be: Which qualities?  Yes, educational psychologists have been grappling with this concept of intelligence for decades especially seeing that there is no singular approach to intelligence.  It was Howard Gardner who popularised the model for the multiple intelligences…

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Mar 2015

Games people play: No-prep ESL games for all ages

ake a moment & think about what you have learnt through simply playing a game – any game.  While you´re at it, notice that people play everywhere - so why not in the classroom?  Today we will help you spruce up your classes with an extensive list of no-prep ESL games our teachers use in their own classes.  The emphasis here is on hassle-free fun which…

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Mar 2015

Tiers for fears & choosing words to teach

Any conscientious teacher knows that choosing words to teach is not as easy as it seems.  Sure you can deal out words left, right & center.  However, would your students understand, grow & be empowered?  Fortunately, there is a nifty little 3 tier model that helps teachers enable their students to broaden their language capacity.   Examples: come, hear, happy, bed The first tier refers to…

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Jan 2012

Friday Fun: The History of English #3

httpv:// The series of posts about the history of the English language continues with this video about Shakespeare and his impact on the development of English. Have you ever seen a Shakespeare play? Can you recognise any of the roots of the words?


Nov 2011

Friday Fun: ‘Romans Go Home’

httpv:// Seeing as it’s Friday I thought it would be time to post something for a bit of fun! Hopefully you’ve all seen the excellent ‘Life of Brian’ by the Monty Python guys. This is an excellent excerpt from the film where ‘Brian’ is having difficulty with his Latin grammar and conjugations! Hopefully you’re finding learning English a bit easier?! Have a good weekend


Nov 2011

Friday Meeting 4/11/2011

How can we effectively teach Business English? We have been debating for a while about the difference between General English and Business English. The structures that business English students have to learn are the same as general English students. Now, the only difference is in context and vocabulary. The General English course will be broader in terms of topics however, that does not imply that…

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Oct 2011

Friday Meeting 28/10/2011

This weeks meeting focused solely on students. How to evaluate students? How many levels exist in English? and teaching students who don’t want to learn. We often find that when level testing students they are placed in the wrong groups/levels. This is not a mistake from the examiner but a lack of confidence from the students when doing the test. I believe that rather than…

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Sep 2011

Friday Meeting 30/09/2011

Topics covered this week: – S1 (Beginners) Course. – Add more vocabulary? (not in the Target Language) – Oxbridge Students. – A new project called ‘learning capsules’.   Building blocks: We finally have class 1 ready to test out(consisting of 4 activities and a wrap up). The S1 course has been completely modified in order to make it more teacher friendly and thanks to our dedicated…

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