Sharing Experiences: Food


Feb 2016

Sharing Experiences: Food

Food. I love it. We have to eat it to survive but more importantly it defines who we are, where we are from and represents countries and cultures. ESL conversations require both students and teachers sharing experiences and in my opinion there is no better topic than food. Consider this: Spain has more restaurants, bars and cafeterias than all of Europe put together. In my…

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Eating your way through Spain


Dec 2015

Eating your way through Spain

If you are living and working in Spain, it is more than likely that you will have heard someone utter the words: “Spain has some of the finest food in the world.” And yet, many foreigners working as TEFL teachers become quickly disillusioned with Spain’s gastronomic offerings. The reason behind this dissapointment lies in the difficulty of finding the right places to order the right…

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Feb 2013


httpv:// Horsemeat has been discovered in beefburgers sold by the supermarket GIANTS Tesco and Iceland, it emerged tonight. Investigators said that in Tesco’s Everyday Value burgers, horsemeat ACCOUNTED FOR almost one third of the meat content.


Oct 2012

Best of British?

httpv:// A trade delegation from Britain is heading to Paris this week in an effort to boost the increasing popularity of British food in France.


May 2012

Coffee is good for you!

httpv:// A recent study lasting for over 14 years in America, involving more than 400,000 people found that coffee is good for you!


May 2012

Information is food!!

httpv:// JP Rangaswami – innovator and chief information officer for many leading financial businesses likes to think that food and information are the same thing and that energy and data are similar. He believes that monkeys can learn faster than humans because their brains are larger and their stomachs are smaller; not like humans. The tissues covering our brains and stomachs are the most expensive…

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Feb 2012

185 things to do with a Pig

httpv:// Christien Meindertsma, author of “Pig 05049″ decided to take a look at the afterlife of this pig and find out how many parts of this animal were used and for what.


Dec 2011

No more Turkey – I’m “Stuffed”!!!

httpv:// (Watch a different Christmas Carol)  Christmas Day is filled with cheer, laughter, family and food. Too much food in fact and often too much turkey. After traditionally opening our gifts from Santa Claus, we then begin on the food and from then on it’s a day of non-stop eating and drinking!! Merry Christmas to one and all!


Nov 2011

British Food – A tasty Topic to get your teeth into!!!

httpv:// Do you know what types of food comes from Britain? Have you tasted any? Is Britain famous for traditional food? There are many types of food from all around the British Isles. The Traditional English Breakfast, Steak & Kidney Pie, Spotted Dick, Haggis Neeps and Tatties, Welsh Rarebit and of course Yorkshire Puddings. The UK has many national and regional dishes but I would…

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