Oct 2012

Ryanair – Low cost, low safety?

httpv:// Have you ever flown on a budget airline? Do you think they are safe? Have you heard any recent news about Ryanair? Ryanair is again being investigated by aviation authorities following accusations it put pressure on pilots to fly with minimal fuel to cut costs.


Sep 2012

Chinese factories closed amid violent anti-Japan protests

httpv:// Major electronics firms Panasonic and Canon have temporarily suspended production at factories in China after a territorial dispute over a group of UNINHABITED small islands in the East China Sea TRIGGERED violent anti-Japanese protests… 


Sep 2012

Strikes in Madrid and Barcelona

httpv:// A transport STRIKE has complicated the journey to work in Madrid and Barcelona. UNIONS have made a call to travellers not to pay for their ticket in a protest against what they consider to be abusive minimum services.


Jul 2012

The Ghosts of Spain

httpv:// When you go aborad, which airport do you normally use? Do you know how many airports there are in Spain? Do you think there are too many? Have a look at this video and read a related news story…


Oct 2011

David Cameron: we will never join the euro…

httpv:// There have been tough words from the British prime minister at the annual Conservative Party conference, where David Cameron defended his government’s economic policies. “The threat to the world economy and to Britain is as serious as in 2008 when world recession loomed. The euro zone is in crisis, the French and the German economies have slowed to a standstill. Even mighty America is…

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