Feb 2013

Crazy Money… Charity and Footballers Wages

httpv:// David Beckam made an ANNOUNCEMENT. He wants to DONATE his entire salary to a Parisian children’s CHARITY. Allegedly Zlatan Ibrahimovic also announced that he will DONATE all of his salary but… to himself! 


Dec 2012

Monkey Business!

httpv:// Apparently a monkey was CONFISCATED by animal authorities after it was found WANDERING ERRANTLY around Ikea car park on Toronto Canada.


Dec 2012

Little Baby Hashtag

httpv:// There are an awful lot of BIZARRE names around nowadays. So it takes something really special to make us stop and do a DOUBLE-TAKE. But this is something really special. Ready? It appears that a proud new Mum has named her baby daughter ‘HASHTAG’. Well, that’s what she announced on Facebook anyway…


Dec 2012

Mistaken identity….sort of.

  httpv:// A comedian STAGING a fake theft ended up with more than he BARGAINED for when he was caught by a police community support officer. The officer thought a crime was in progress when TV star Simon Brodkin pretended to steal his own DVD. Brodkin was in character as one of his creations – South London TEARAWAY Lee Nelson – and was doing a…

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Apr 2012

April Fools’ Day – Is it a big joke?

httpv:// April the 1st is well known in America, the United Kingdom and other Christian countries – as April Fools’ Day.


Mar 2012

St. Patrick’s Day – Don’t make a parade out it!!!!

httpv:// Many people around the world celebrate St Patrick’s Day on the March 17th He is the most commonly recognised Patron saint of Ireland and commemorates Christianity being introduced to this Emerald Isle.


Feb 2012

Willy Wonker and a boat made of chocolate

httpv:// A man in France made a boat 3.5m long boat out of chocolate and sailed it in a port in Northern France. The boat turned around two or three times and then broke apart.


Dec 2011

No more Turkey – I’m “Stuffed”!!!

httpv:// (Watch a different Christmas Carol)  Christmas Day is filled with cheer, laughter, family and food. Too much food in fact and often too much turkey. After traditionally opening our gifts from Santa Claus, we then begin on the food and from then on it’s a day of non-stop eating and drinking!! Merry Christmas to one and all!


Nov 2011

Do you speak English?

httpv:// Why do you want to learn English? Do you think it would be useful on holiday? Have you ever had any problems making yourself understood? This is a little bit of fun… “Simon Pegg and the Big Train comedy sketch team perform a funny short on life of an English speaking tourist in France.”    


Oct 2011

Oxbridge TEFL – Eddie Izzard on Language…

httpv:// Seeing as today is a holiday we thought it would be good to post a fun video of the comedian Eddie Izzard talking about language. Enjoy…