Feb 2013

Iberia on Strike

httpv:// An Iberia worker is arrested by Spanish RIOT police officer during CLASHES at Madrid’s Barajas airport. Workers at the LOSS-MAKING Spanish flag CARRIER have started a five-day strike, GROUNDING more than 80 flights and costing the airline and STRUGGLING national economy millions of euros.


Feb 2013

Dreamliner Stopped Worldwide

httpv:// Boeing’s state-of-the-art Dreamliner passenger jet has been grounded in Japan, India, Chile and the USA amid safety concerns. The airliner has been hit with a spate of technical malfunctions in the past month.


Sep 2012

Chinese factories closed amid violent anti-Japan protests

httpv:// Major electronics firms Panasonic and Canon have temporarily suspended production at factories in China after a territorial dispute over a group of UNINHABITED small islands in the East China Sea TRIGGERED violent anti-Japanese protests… 


Jun 2012

Potatoes with your car wash?!

httpv:// Attracting business is extremely TOUGH in today’s world but it seems that one Madrilenian car wash owner will go to any extreme to get your money. He is offering to wash your car and you can take away a bottle of Rioja, three kilos of potatoes or he will buy you a beer in the bar across the road.


May 2012

Information is food!!

httpv:// JP Rangaswami – innovator and chief information officer for many leading financial businesses likes to think that food and information are the same thing and that energy and data are similar. He believes that monkeys can learn faster than humans because their brains are larger and their stomachs are smaller; not like humans. The tissues covering our brains and stomachs are the most expensive…

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Apr 2012

EUROVEGAS – America in Europe

httpv:// An America tycoon wants to build Vegas in Europe and has chosen Spain as the destination. The American business tycoon, Sheldon Adelson wants to emulate Nevada’s state cash cow ‘Las Vegas’ here in Spain and is deciding where to build – Madrid or Barcelona.


Feb 2012

185 things to do with a Pig

httpv:// Christien Meindertsma, author of “Pig 05049″ decided to take a look at the afterlife of this pig and find out how many parts of this animal were used and for what.


Nov 2011

Spain election victor Rajoy warns ‘no miracles’

httpv:// Conservatives in Spain are celebrating a landslide victory. Spain’s Popular Party leader Mariano Rajoy has told supporters their country’s voice must be respected again, after a resounding election win. At the end of a campaign dominated by the debt crisis, the centre right PP secured 186 seats in the 350-seat lower house of parliament. However, Spain’s borrowing costs continued to mount on Monday and…

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Nov 2011

Would you fire someone for ‘planking’?

httpv:// “Police take offence to new planking craze after one was done on an officers vehicle.” Planking is an online craze – started in Australia and New Zealand —where people post pictures of themselves laying flat as a board on Twitter and Facebook. The stranger/weirder/riskier the place you plank, the more online fame you get.    

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