Sharing Experiences: Food


Feb 2016

Sharing Experiences: Food

Food. I love it. We have to eat it to survive but more importantly it defines who we are, where we are from and represents countries and cultures. ESL conversations require both students and teachers sharing experiences and in my opinion there is no better topic than food. Consider this: Spain has more restaurants, bars and cafeterias than all of Europe put together. In my…

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The Art of Teaching English


Jan 2015

The Art of Teaching English

Just like writing and art, teaching English comes naturally to some whereas others have to be taught. Before I did the OxbridgeTEFL course and became a teacher I can safely say that I had no idea whether I would want to take up teaching as a profession, neither did I know if I would like it. At the time, I did it as a means…

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Dec 2014

Hola Barcelona!

Having lived in Cyprus for 16 years and getting fed up with it (particularly since the launch of the euro!) I started toying with the idea of moving and began thinking long and hard about where I would move to. After much deliberation (and encouragement from people who have been there) I decided on Barcelona. So, I sold my car, rented my flat out, packed…

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Apr 2012

EUROVEGAS – America in Europe

httpv:// An America tycoon wants to build Vegas in Europe and has chosen Spain as the destination. The American business tycoon, Sheldon Adelson wants to emulate Nevada’s state cash cow ‘Las Vegas’ here in Spain and is deciding where to build – Madrid or Barcelona.


Sep 2011

Oxbridge on ESL Base

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