Mar 2012

iPhones – easier than tying your shoelaces

httpv:// Did you know that children today find it much easier to use an iPhone than to tie their shoelaces? A report shows today that as many as 45 per cent of children in the UK aged between five and 13 cannot tie their shoelaces but 67 per cent know how to use their iPhones and DVD players.


Jan 2012

Your Textbook on the iPad – no way!!

Apple re-invents the way you can read your textbook, make electronic notes on the text page, highlight images and basically learn – in a more interactive, modern way.  No more looking through old textbooks or wondering in amazement if you have the latest one only the week after you have purchased it. Apple yet again sets the boundaries in instant interaction, against the standards of…

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Oct 2011

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

httpv:// RIP Steve Jobs – his ideas and vision brightened millions of lives and the world of technology will be a poorer place without him. Here’s to the crazy ones…


Oct 2011

New Apple iPhone fails to wow fans.

Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO, who took over from his iconic predecessor Steve Jobs, announced its long-awaited fifth iPhone release. However fans were less than impressed! httpv://


Sep 2011

Steve Jobs: “How to live before you die”, Stanford University

UPDATE: Rest In Peace and Thanks, Steve Jobs… an incredible man and a true visionary. Stanford University 2005 commencement speech from Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder shares stories from his life. VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Thank you. I’m honored to be with you today… for your commencement from one of the finest universities in the world. Truth be told, I never graduated from college and this is…

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