TITANIC – 100 Years


Titanic is the world’s most famous maritime disaster in history. The colossal four funnelled ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean during it’s maiden voyage on April 10 1912 and sank to the icy bottom, making history worldwide.

The ships top speed was 23 knots with a total capacity of 3,457 passengers and crew, however the lifeboat capacity was only 1,179 persons, not enough for this disaster. The total cost to build the ship – $7.5 million dollars.

Titanic set sail on April 10 with 2,228 passengers who had mostly paid $3,100 dollars ($69,000 in today’s dollars) a ticket. First class passengers enjoyed all the luxury’s that their ticket could afford whilst third class passengers huddled below in cramped and cold conditions.

At 11.40pm on Sunday April 14 the ship swiped an iceberg and damaged nearly 300 feet of hull. It immediately took on water where the bow broke first when the rest of the ship sank at 2.20am.

1,600 people perished in the icy waters and 866 were rescued but only 705 passengers survived – this was only 32 per cent of the total on board. 60 per cent of them were first class passengers and 25 per cent were third class. Titanic only carried 20 lifeboats although it was designed to hold 48.

First class passengers, women and children were ordered into the boats first and then the rest of the third class were supposed to follow.

The wreckage was found in the north Atlantic on September 2 1985 12,500 feet below sea-level.

Titanic is being released again to commemorate the centenary anniversary and will feature in full 3D. So stand by!


  • If Titanic were here today would you go on board?
  • Should they raise the Titanic?
  • Do we need a class system for travelling?


Word Image Definition Example Listen
Colossal   Of immense size; huge; gigantic  A colossal statue stands in the square. Listen
Funnel To concentrate, channel, or focus; to pass through There is so much traffic funnelled through a small number of fibre-optic submarine cables that the system is very fragile Listen
Luxury   An expensive thing, not a necessity The five star hotel was luxury Listen
Perished   To pass away or disappear To perish in an earthquake. Listen
Cold Adjective: something cold or low in temperature. Today was very cold indeed Listen
Touch To put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel it Don’t touch it because it is hot. Listen
Sketch   A small drawing or artistic impression. Can you give me a rough sketch of the plans? Listen
Lost   Unable to find your direction I got lost in New York. Listen

See how Titanic hit the iceberg and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic





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