The Queen of Disco is dead!!!


Donna Summer – the Queen of disco died recently at the age of 63. Suffering from Lung Cancer she became a LEGEND and a leading star of the seventies and eighties disco music.

The woman who transformed the dance floor into a GLITTERING BALL of light throughout the seventies was crowned for her success in making songs such as ‘Enough is Enough’ and ‘I Feel Love’ into the Disco Hymns of this era.

This video shows her performing as the ‘Queen of Disco’. She leaves behind an incredible musical LEGACY and was the first artist to reach number one in the dance charts four decades in a row… we ‘Love to love you baby’ !!!


  • What seventies disco songs do you have on your iPod?
  • Should these type of songs make a come-back?
  • Is music much better today?
  • Do yo remember the seventies?



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