Mexican children speak out!


Children in Mexico have assisted in making a publicity movie to help promote a serious point about the political climate in their country. The video shows street scenes of corruption, illegal immigration and mugging. Children play all the parts as adults and it has been labelled as a ”mockumentary”. A mockery in the form of a documentary. Since airing the video has sparked a fierce debate about ‘violent-torn’ Mexico and but people are saying that this is simply – ‘Child-Abuse’. You can see for yourself by watching this version with English subtitles.


  • Is Mexico a dangerous city to visit?
  • Is it wrong to use children in this way?
  • Should we show more controversial advertising like this?


Here are a selection of words taken from the video. We have many more as part of our Target Language in activities for all levels.

Word Image Definition Example Listen
Bribe Anything given or serving to persuade or induce
The children were given candy as a bribe to be good
Fierce   Of savage and/or violent nature The animal was fierce. Listen
Labelled To be categorised – defined or branded children are labelled as having psychiatric disorders despite being normal. Listen
Sparked To set in motion; activate: The incident sparked a controversy. Listen



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