Homophones…TWO, TOO, TO


Do you know how to use TOO, TWO & TO correctly?

These are homophones (words that are spelt differently but have the same pronunciation)


TOO – used with adverbs and adjectives. (too can also mean ‘as well’ or ‘aslo’)

  • I had too much food.
  • It was too expensive.
  • It is too hot to be outside.
  • Will you be there too?

TWO – is a number (in written English we use ‘two’ rather than the numerical number ‘2’.

  • The two students started shouting in class.
  • There were two trees on the road.

TO – is used with verbs in the infinitive form.

  • I like to swim.
  • I hate to speak in public.
  • She is going to eat snails.
  • He stayed in to read a book.

TO can also be used to mean toward (to show direction)

  • I go to the airport by train.
  • I take the bus to work.
  • He threw the ball to his friend.

Click here to see if you can guess which is which.



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