Aliens – The truth is out there…


Commercial divers have stumbled upon an incredible find. A U.F.O!

A group of divers in the Baltic Sea were making their final run to the bottom of the ocean with a ‘sonar fish’ – a sensor when it suddenly showed what looked like the shape of a U.F.O.

The image was about 60 meters across, which is roughly the size of a Jumbo jet and apparently not alone down there. There was a similar one but smaller.

The ocean explorer team said that the other smaller disc shaped object had a rigid tail and drag marks of more than 400 metres long. What could this be? Did it Crash Land?

Their size and distinctive shape are generating some peculiar theories – could it be the Star Wars spaceship or an old relic similar to that of the UK’s Stonehenge?

Andreas Olsson, Head of Archaeology at Sweden’s Maritime Museum said that this type of imaging is called – site scan sonar – but does not always show what is true because of varying temperatures and wave conditions can show defects in the image. Therefore no one can really tell if it’s a U.F.O!

Is this the real thing?


  • Do U.F.O’s exist?
  • Have you seen one?
  • Is there a worldwide government ‘cover-up’ ?


Word Image Definition Example Listen
Peculiar   Adjective to describe someone or something that is strange and unusual. That person is very peculiar. Listen
Stumble To miss a step or almost fall down when walking or running. He was stumbling and tripping last night when he got out of the bar. Listen
Drag To pull from one place to another. They had to drag him out of bed. Listen
Relic Unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible There shape of the Guggenheim museum in New York aren’t rigid Listen
Planet Earth, Mars, Venus, Saturn… The planets collide Listen
Spaceship Aircraft apparently used by aliens. Aliens come to Earth in their spaceship. Listen
UFO   Unidentified Flying Objects Aliens fly on UFOs Listen
Travel To go from one place to another. heir family is known to travel a lot. Listen

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